With no parameters, this shows the attendees for the earliest active event, or if no active event, the earliest upcoming event. If it is used in Event Description, then it will show the attendees for that event.

Will list the attendees for a specific event.

Will list the attendees for a specific datetime.

Will list the attendees for a specific ticket.

You can list attendees that have a specific registration status (use status code) or use “all” to return all attendees regardless of status. Default when you don’t have this parameter set is to only return attendees attached to approved contacts.

The statuses you can use are:
RAP: Approved
RCN: Cancelled
RDC: Declined
RIC: Incomplete
RNA: Not Approved
RPP: Pending Payment
RWL: Wait List

[ESPRESSO_EVENT_ATTENDEES display_on_archives=true]
Will display the attendees list when events are viewed on archive pages.